End of the British Period

From sister’s visit from India to friends’ visit from Singapore; from striking an enduring friendship with his Symbiosis friends in the city, to adding a Oridya couple to my existing cornucopia of friends; from sitting on his shoulders to see the royal family (Queen’s diamond jubilee), to undergoing Olympics fever with millions; from acclimating to vampire’s city (read no sunlight), to living in a house made in the early 18th century;  from tasting the culture of seven European countries in ~11 months , to earning my first international job, London has given me more than I had asked for!
As Euro Trip 2012 comes to an end; we pack our bags to move to our base (Hyderabad) on Dec 13th. I’m about to set my sixth home in three years of wedlock. Yes, it’s exhausting and wrecking but when you have an insatiable passion for travelling, packing-unpacking is a minor roadblock. By the end, it’s only memories and experience that counts.
If the USA gave me ‘best group’ of game fanatic friends, then the UK definitely offered me the best professional culture to work in. As we head to Hyderabad to be sucked by the corporate world, to invest hours in doing wrecking jobs, to enter into dirty politics, I plan to revisit the happy memories created in the past three years, to keep me elated. I know plans do fail, but that does not hinder one to plan more. For people, who still aren’t aware, he is switching from Infosys to Accenture, while I’ll join Deloitte, both at the start of 2013. I am hoping to stay married to the Nizam city for a longer term this time.

Now, all I look forward to is the New Year, where we’ll witness some traditional epic moments – to see my Ma shed happy tears when she sees me , to see Abba feel nothing less than pure euphoria when he hugs Sheikhu , to see Sonam pounce on me and kiss me on my cheeks repetitively, and an addition – to see him put arms around his 4 months son(nephew) for the very first time.


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