Khatti Meethi Yaadein

Early this year, while running through his wallet, something fell out of it and rolled under the fridge. Immediately he rushed and made efforts to get it out of a difficult spot beneath the heavy machinery. I managed to catch a glimpse of it but before I could ask he rushed out of home, for work. Later that day when I sneaked through his wallet, I found this (picture attached). I remembered where I knew it from and asked him to explain.

“Tujhe yaad hia 2002 mein when we were in B.Com 2nd year, u used to make that sky high pony tail? This baby elephant was attached to one of your rubber bands and 1 din wo tut gaya tha and this poor chap fell on the floor. Without you noticing I picked it up and kept in my wallet.”

With misty eyes, I asked “So for past 10 years you are carrying this in your wallet?”
“Yeah”, and just when I was about to hug him, he said “ab issi baat pe chai lekar aao achi si, cheeni kam and patti zyada, saath mein pakodey laogi toh main mana nahi karunga.”

Classic Shahzeel – he’ll touch your heart with a hint of comedy.


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