Puzzle of my heart

May 25, 1987: A four year girl was asked by her grandparents to change her clothes as they needed to leave for the hospital immediately. She did not know what was happening but yet she did what she was asked to. Her Grand Ma made her wear dungarees with a white top. She was clueless of the proceedings but sure was eager to know what was ahead. Quietly she walked with her grandparents holding their hands. They reached the hospital where she saw her mother with an iron cradle placed right beside her. She walked towards it curious to know what was in it. There it was, a present her parents promised to gift her soon – a baby, white as snow and wrapped in a white cloth. Seeing her gift right in front of her, she could not hold the urge of playing with it and hence gave that cradle a hard push. Though her tiny hands could swing the cradle in a slowest possible motion, but it was enough for the newly born to squeak. Her Grand Pa gave her a hard look and she was asked to leave the tiny one alone. Disheartened, the little girl walked away from the crib contemplating that whether the baby was a friend or foe? That was the first bonding of those two sisters and today exactly after 25 years, this love-hate relationship continues.

The tiny one has turned into a classy independent corporate lady, yet when I see her I think of a younger sister who went through her early years holding her elder sister’s frock belt .  She hardly needed words to communicate, with her enormous bright eyes or with a touch of her hand, she could let her sister know what she wanted.  Who needs words when you can express yourself in a form of a non-verbal communication?

I always felt sisters have some special connection, and I am glad I have one to share my feelings with. There are a zillion things you can remember when you go down that memory lane – the time she made you real happy, the time she made your parents mad at you, the time she lied and then confronted and the TIME you knew you have a sister forever!


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