The Balloon Story

A newly wed couple went to the US for a short period of time. During their early purchases to set up their apartment, they got a red coloured helium balloon. They placed it right in the enter of a wooden table, which was the only piece of furniture they had at that point of time. The balloon stood straight and enlightened the room much to the couple’s delight. As time passed on, the gas in the balloon began to leak, forcing it to drop to the ground. Even though it tried its best to stand,  the gas in it was not supporting its weight.
Soon the couple got a new balloon and the wife replaced the old one with the new one. Once again the new balloon added grace to the room while the old one was kept aside by her, ready to be thrown in the trash the next day.
The next morning, to her surprise, she saw that the old balloon is taped to the new one and is trying hard to stand up with the support. She immediately turned to her husband who had a lovely smile on his face. Before she could question he said “See this young man supported this old fellow to stand. This old chap served us for the past 4 months; I can’t just let it go because a new one has come.” She giggled and said “Oh! So is it like father and son?” to which he nodded.
“But the old one is dragging the new one down and therefore the new one cannot stand absolutely straight”, the wife persisted. The husband replied with a solemn face, “A son could always bend but never lets his father fall.”

For those people who have still not guessed, the above mentioned couple is us. People still ask me why I chose him despite him  being from a different religion, but when things like these happen, I can’t help but thank God for having made the right choice. 🙂


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