Day 1 at Preschool

November 16, 2016: Mysha started her pre school today. Its a big step for her and a bigger one for us. I went to work till July 09, 2014 and from the very next day at 8:43 AM, I became a full-day provider and umbrella for Mysha. She is till date the most complex project I delivered and she hardly gives me easy deadlines. As I sat in pre-school with her today I sensed her panic, anxiety and attempt to find comfort in an alien environment. She kept looking at me, making sure I don’t leave the room, and I had to keep telling her with a gesture – mumma toh yehi hai!

As she tried to copy rhyme steps of her teachers..the protective mother in me kept checking other kids. Who is trying to be friends with her? Who she is sharing her tiffin with? Mother in me was also happy to see that she is taller than other kids in her class and can take them down incase she gets in a fight. Well, don’t judge. I don’t want her to a bully but she should be ready to take them, if required.

This is the first get away for her from her own kingdom – her home. She was scared and so am I. Its hard to let go, knowing that soon she will be school for those 3 hours while I will be home hoping she is doing fine. Soon she might learn to be without me, playing with other kids, but when will I learn? She does not know the world, but I have seen it all and like any parent, want my girl to be untouched by any.

We managed to be there for 2 hours and in coming days I will make my presence scarce, till she learns to stand for herself. Its like making her walk…step-by-step. Only this time she will not be running towards her parents (who will hold her), but to an unfamiliar world, which she needs to take a hold of.





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